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You Can Thrive, Not Just Survive,
In More Conscious Open Relationships

“I didn’t know what I didn’t know”…said all the partners who ended up destroying good polyamorous relationships and leaving broken hearts in their wake, simply because they didn’t gather the right tools, mindsets and coaches to guide them. Don’t be that guy, gal, or couple!
The Leveled Up Love Polyamory Quiz is a great way to start (or restart) your open relationship journey. Our quiz helps you answer some critical questions — so that together, we can gauge exactly how ready you are, and also what style of non-monogamy is best suited for you and yours. And it doesn’t stop there.
After you complete your polyamory quiz you’ll get your Open Relationship Readiness Score. We’ll then recommend polyamory workshops, coaching, and community that will help you and your partners thrive in more conscious open relationships!

About Leveled Up Love & Our Poly Resources

Over several years, Lea and Shai amassed knowledge through research and personal experience and grew a strong desire to help others. So they created Leveled Up Love, Polyamory Resources For More Secure Open Relationships, a thriving Facebook community of 7,000+ beautiful souls from 95+ countries.


“They were not equipped with the best tools or proper guidance, so they suffered needlessly.”

When Lea & Shai started their poly relationship, they struggled. They did not fully understand their individual needs, attachment styles, or the many types of open relating. They were not supported by the right coaches with the right tools.

Today, Lea & Shai are considered two of the go-to people for ethical non-monogamy education and recently created the Secure Poly Collective, a series of online workshops covering subjects such as attachment styles, emotional attunement, love languages, erotic blueprints, sacred sexuality, conscious communication, somatic/trauma healing, BDSM, and plant medicine, all to help their members thrive in more conscious open relationships.


Shai & Lea talk about Polyamory on a national TV show called The Doctors

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Our VIP Membership Program

Many of our curious quiz takers, just like you, are surrounded by people who just don’t know how to support them in their unique open relationship style. When they think of professional support, many find blocks around cost or finding a therapist who doesn’t think their love style is unhealthy.

This inspired Lea & Shai to create the membership community — a discreet, higher touch, heart-centered support program for open relating, where you’ll find the best coaches, tools & resources.

The Secure Poly VIP Membership

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