Open Relationship Coaching & Therapy

Monogamy isn’t for everyone. And we want you to thrive in your open relationships. That’s why we’ve curated +20 world-class open relationship counselors, coaches, trauma-informed experts, sex therapists, and intimacy experts to support you.


Level Up Your Open Relationship by working with experienced open relationship counselors and therapists.

Whether you’re in the beginning stages of opening up your relationship/marriage, or already open for a while and dealing with jealousy and self-worth issues… we get it, because we’ve been there! Our professional team has helped thousands of partners struggling in various stages of opening up and we’re here to support you too!

Raise your hand if any of these sound familiar.


If you said YES to any of these... you’re NOT alone! We've been there, and heck, sometimes we still struggle! But we have had some HUGE breakthroughs, and we’re here to help you THRIVE in your open relationships!


Finding the Right Open Relationship Therapist

Most counselors and therapists are more familiar with monogamous relationship issues and are not knowledgeable about the specific struggles and circumstances that come into play with open relationships. This makes it difficult for those seeking open relationship advice and support to find experienced open relationship therapists.

With open relationships, you and your partner(s) will have to navigate things like boundaries, safe sex, and jealousy. In our coaching program, you will learn how to get out of your heads and into your hearts, move through conflicts faster, and experience more joy in your open love lives. 

During your coaching sessions we will:

Get professional support from one of our open relationship therapists. Working with an open relationship counselor is critical if you truly care about thriving, not just surviving in your open relationships.


About Leveled Up Love

We struggled through decades of monogamy. After the standard guilt, shame and stagnation, we came away certain that we had to at least give open relating a try. But opening up our relationship had its own unique challenges and we were far from prepared.

After 10 years, some hard-won lessons, and advice from top experts, we’ve been on a non-stop personal growth and healing trajectory. And, we want you along for the ride!

We specialize in open relationships structures. We are here to help you, no matter where you are on your related journey.


Hear What Some Of Our Clients Have to Say...​

“Shai taught us tools to relate to each other in a heart-centered way – from a place of curiosity and love, not judgment.

Leveled Up Love gave us the roadmap on how to hold space for each other’s feelings without getting defensive, feeling like we have to cave in, or like the other person has to bend to our will.”

Ashley & Mike in Los Angeles
Shai’s program was an absolute lifesaver! We were in poly panic when we met him. Shai and his extraordinary team jumped right in with their Secure Poly Protocol. They got us working together again with improved communication, & teamed us up with trauma healing experts. We couldn’t recommend Shai and Leveled Up Love enough!
Ashley & Mike
Angela & Greg Testimonial
Thank you so much for the session! We got so much from it. I’ve a got a strong “Lizard Brain” (that’s what Greg and I affectionately call the Reptilian Brain) and it was so great to distinguish between that and my more conscious analytical brain. That alone was such a huge insight. Thank you, Shai. This is making a world of difference to our world!
Angela & Greg
heather testimonial
The tools I’ve learned here have helped me show up in my relationships with more understanding and awareness of my partners needs. I’m so grateful for this community and all that it offers! I’m continuously impressed by just how well these containers have been designed to allow for immense depth, vulnerability and connectedness.
Colin Testimonial
The depth of Shai’s understanding and sharing has helped me to transform into the loving & open King I’ve always dreamed of being. My life keeps getting better and better as I work with him! I then started working with one of their experts, Lea, and I now have a whole new respect for women, sex and deep emotional connection!
Leveled Up Love has provided so many people a sacred space to be vulnerable, receive support, and expand their minds on all things love and communication. What the community leaders have created is high-level, conscious, and full of wonderful information that people are so desperately in need of right now.
Erin D.
The Secure Poly Collective, by Leveled Up Love, is valuable for anyone looking to consciously explore relationships beyond monogamy. Building a love life that exists ‘outside the box’ can come with many challenges, but sharing and learning in a forum of like-minded hearts have been a healing experience of support and community for me.
Teagan A.

Open Relationships Are Hard.

But they don't have to be.

Having been in open relationships for over 10 years, I know the exact struggles you’re going through. I’ve personally been there. It hasn’t always been easy.

You can try doing this alone. But we’ve learned, the hard way, that trying to resolve open relationship struggles on your own is a huge mistake! Reading books or watching videos is simply not enough when you’re dealing with complex matters of sharing love, trauma, attention, and intimacy with more than one person.

Having a support system and coaches who understand the struggles of open relating can make all the difference.


We have expert coaches who specialize in communication, trauma and emotional healing, attachment theory, sex therapy, sacred sexuality, family dynamics, dating, couples, and intimacy.


How Does Our Open Relationship Coaching Program Work?

Learn more about our
Open Relationship Success Protocol

Every day we’re seeing our clients follow our proven process and start to thrive, not just survive, in their open relationships!


Next Level Communication

We’ll focus on teaching you our one-of-a-kind emotional attunement and communication method called S.P.A.R.C., a simple, step-by-step process to resolve open relationship conflicts. With our unique S.P.A.R.C. communication blueprint you'll learn how listen to listen, not to respond. If you're gonna practice "The Olympics of Relationships" leveling up your communication skills is KEY!


Nervous System Support & Trauma Healing

We'll teach you skills on how to manage the emotions + nervous system responses of the open partners that get anxious and jealous (which is quite common in non-monogamy). We do this by handpicking from our team of 20+ Practitioners who offer a wide array of newer, more effective modalities, like TRE, IFS, BWRT and PSIP just to name a few.


Strategy,  Education & Community

We'll share best practices and strategies that are most ideal for YOUR specific open relationship, to get everyone's needs met. We also offer a 9000+ member community and a growing library of over 200 exclusive educational workshops facilitated by open relationship experts such as Jessica Fern, Author of PolySecure and Martha Kauppi, Author of Polyamory.

Our program is completely customizable! Some clients just need to improve their communication skills a bit, while other clients need deeper levels of support. We carefully tailor each strategy to the specific situation and the needs of our clients.

Leveled Up Loves Fields of Coaching

The Benefits of Working With Our
Open Relationship Coaches


Professional Open Relationship Coaches

You will be working directly with relationship coaches who understand open relationships and their dynamics.  This means you will get the proper help and support you need from people who understand exactly what you are going through.


Go from Panic to Open Relationship Security

Explore our workshops focused on healing old wounds, including TRE® (Trauma Releasing Exercises) and Tapping/EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).


Get Access to Support Resources​

Expert curated tools and resources to help you and your partner(s) thrive in your open relationships, and you will also get full access to our close-knit open relationship community.


Free Access to Membership Program

With most of our packages, you get lifetime access to our membership program. This has over 150+ hours worth of open relationship-related workshops and resources.

Book Your Free Intro Coaching Call

Book your free introductory call where we will dive deep into your specific relationship struggles.

Book Your Free Intro Coaching Call

Book your free introductory call where we will dive deep into your specific relationship struggles.

Book Your Free Intro Coaching Call

Book your free introductory call where we will dive deep into your specific relationship struggles.
Book your free introductory call where we will dive deep into your specific relationship struggles.