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Our Transformative workshops are facilitated by experts such as Jessica Fern, KamalaDevi McClure, and Elisabeth Sheff.


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We Get Why You May Struggle With Polyamory...

…because we’ve been there, and done that. After years of navigating our own complex open relationships and listening to thousands of our community members and expert coaches, we discovered that most non-monogamists struggle in one or more of the following areas:

Game Changing Events That Help You Win At Open Relationships

Our path led us on a mission to curate a unique set of transformative online poly events that address the most common challenges listed above. We now help 7000+ members create more conscious open relationships by:


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“We recognize the need for safety, privacy and to protect one’s reputation.”

What Attendees Say

Ashley & Mike in Los Angeles
Shai’s program was an absolute lifesaver! We were in poly panic when we met him. Shai and his extraordinary team jumped right in with their Secure Poly Protocol. They got us working together again with improved communication, & teamed us up with trauma healing experts. We couldn’t recommend Shai and Leveled Up Love enough!
Ashley & Mike
Angela & Greg Testimonial
Thank you so much for the session! We got so much from it. I’ve a got a strong “Lizard Brain” (that’s what Greg and I affectionately call the Reptilian Brain) and it was so great to distinguish between that and my more conscious analytical brain. That alone was such a huge insight. Thank you, Shai. This is making a world of difference to our world!
Angela & Greg
heather testimonial
The tools I’ve learned here have helped me show up in my relationships with more understanding and awareness of my partners needs. I’m so grateful for this community and all that it offers! I’m continuously impressed by just how well these containers have been designed to allow for immense depth, vulnerability and connectedness.
Colin Testimonial
The depth of Shai’s understanding and sharing has helped me to transform into the loving & open King I’ve always dreamed of being. My life keeps getting better and better as I work with him! I then started working with one of their experts, Lea, and I now have a whole new respect for women, sex and deep emotional connection!
Leveled Up Love has provided so many people a sacred space to be vulnerable, receive support, and expand their minds on all things love and communication. What the community leaders have created is high-level, conscious, and full of wonderful information that people are so desperately in need of right now.
Erin D.
The Secure Poly Collective, by Leveled Up Love, is valuable for anyone looking to consciously explore relationships beyond monogamy. Building a love life that exists ‘outside the box’ can come with many challenges, but sharing and learning in a forum of like-minded hearts have been a healing experience of support and community for me.
Teagan A.

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