Polyamory Coaching with a Holistic Approach

Regardless of the open relationship style you choose, there are ways to have your open love life lead to bliss, and ways that can lead to absolute misery.

We’ve curated 20+ excellent polyamory relationship coaches, sex therapists, and intimacy experts to support you.

When You Get the Right Help to Grow

You can try doing this alone. But we’ve learned, the hard way, that trying to resolve open relationship struggles on your own is a HUGE mistake! Reading books or watching videos on polyamory is simply not enough, when you’re dealing with complex matters of sharing love, attention and intimacy with more than one person.

In your Intro coaching session we will:

Discuss why you chose an open relationship in the first place and help you find the right course of action for you and your partner/s
Understand who’s emotionally ready (or not) for an open relationship so you can avoid unnecessary insecurities and heartaches when jealousy and resentment show up
Look beneath jealous thoughts and behaviors to address unmet needs and the history of relationship wounds
Discuss when is the right time to open or close a relationship, or something in between, so you're never taking things too fast, which is a common mistake
Find the style of non-monogamy that suits most of your needs at this time, so you can enjoy your open relationship
Share the basic tools you need to thrive in your open relationship
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How Does 1-on-1 Poly Coaching with Leveled Up Love Work?

You will first have a strategy call to assess which polyamory coach or coaches may be the best match for you, based on your particular circumstances.

Sometimes one polyamory coach is all you need, and other times we’ve found that a combination of 2-3 coaches/therapists offer a more well rounded approach to get you on the right track

The impactful sessions will help you resolve issues and grow within weeks, not years. The sessions are on a regular, often weekly schedule.

The sessions can be one-off or come in packages. We’ve also built deeper immersions that last as long as 6-12 months with a curated team of coaches and modalities that are custom designed for you and your poly partner/s.

“We have poly coaches who specialize in communication, trauma healing, sex therapy / sacred sexuality, plant medicines, poly family dynamics, dating, couples, or intimacy”

People Like You, with Stories Like Yours

We had one married poly couple go from “calling it quits” to “mostly secure”. With coaching from Lea and Shai they found their path to safety and compromise in their poly relationship. They were now ready to level up other aspects of their relationship.

“Shai and Lea taught us tools to relate to each other in a heart-centered way – from a place of curiosity and love, not judgement.

They gave us the roadmap on how to hold space for each other’s feelings without getting defensive, feeling like we have to cave in, or like the other person has to bend to our will.

These are similar to concepts that we have learned in past marriage counseling workshops, but they just hit much differently.

We are grateful to have their support as we navigate our new polyamorous journey.”

Heather G & Derek N

How Does Group Coaching with Leveled Up Love Work?

Another powerful way to access our open relationship coaches and progress towards happy peaceful open relationships, is to join our group program, the Secure Poly Collective.

Now with a free 14 day trial offer, it is a series of transformative workshops to help you break free from jealousy in polyamory and create more meaningful and loving open relationships.

You’ll grow in the five key areas of polyamory:

Expanding your Poly community, so you feel supported by people who really get you
Exploring new poly dating options and go on new relationship adventures
Empowering you with powerful conflict resolution tools, so you can actually enjoy your open relationships
Deepening your connections with all your partners, through Tantra
Focusing your and your partner's trauma healing so you can experience less jealousy in polyamory

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About Leveled Up Love

We struggled through decades of monogamy. Guilt, shame, stagnation; we came away certain only that some form of open relating was right for us. But polyamory had its own unique and specific challenges.

Starting with just a few basic rules didn’t save us from strife and heartaches. But after 10 years, some hard-won lessons, and advice from experts, we’ve been on a non-stop growth and healing trajectory.

And, we want you along for the ride!

More from Our Coaching Clients

Daniela's Video Testimonial

“Shai and his team have procured a world class team of talented open relationship coaches and therapists.”

Anonymous Secure Poly Collective member

Go from Poly Panic to Poly Security

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