About Us

Leveled Up Love is an eco-system that helps you thrive in conscious open relationships.

Here, you can feel safe, seen, loved and fully expressed, while also having the freedom to explore other relationship adventures that lead to fulfilling growth, healing and service to others.


Lea & Shai


Lea’s Story

I wasn’t exactly designed or prepared for polyamory. But what I really desired from the beginning was freedom.

Something was telling me that this work would be worth it. I knew that I would experience many challenges, but that through the process I would uncover where my discomfort was coming from. That belief led me on a groundbreaking exploration of self-discovery.

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Shai’s Story

Even though it was hard, opening up my relationship was one of the best decisions I ever made. The freedom and variety of amazing connections allowed me to grow exponentially. 

I’ve grown intellectually, spiritually, erotically, emotionally, and even professionally because of this love style.

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