A Letter to the Women Who Sleep With My Man


Original blog by Wilrieke Sophia over at Exploring Deeper.

Dear sister, Thank you.

Thank you for opening your heart and opening your body for my beloved. Thank you for being vulnerable with him. Thank you for sharing precious moments and organic bliss with him. Thank you for enriching his life. You can give him things I never can; for the simple reason that you are not me. You have a different flavour. There are different things that excite you, that make you tick, that frighten you. With that, you hand him another mirror to look into. You can show him things about himself that I never can. You have walked a different path than I did. You have a different past. With that, you can teach him things I never can.

Thank you.

Thank you for being so brave and courageous to see him and to receive him. Because you know of my existence. I see you. I see that it takes guts to take off your clothes for a man who has a woman who knows about you. You didn’t run away. Instead, you came closer. You touched the skin I touched so many times before. You kissed the lips I kissed so many times before. You curled up in the arms I curled up in so many times before. You’ve seen the body I saw so many times before. He’s lovely, isn’t he? With all my heart I hope you enjoyed every moment you spent and will spend with him. I hope he will enrich your life, as you enrich his. I hope he shows you bliss beyond imagination.

There’s only one thing I ask of you: See me. Don’t walk away when you meet me again. I understand if you feel nervous about me, and that you are not sure how to communicate with me. You don’t have to know. You see, this path sometimes scares me reckless. There’s this little girl inside of me, who is afraid she will lose her beloved, each time he is away. It’s easy to see you as my enemy. My competitor. Like women have done for such a long time. But you’re my sister. We have the same fears and we share the same longings. I ask you to be vulnerable with me. Just give me a hug. You don’t have to say a thing. Or write me a little message if that feels easier for you.

Let’s not compete but meet in vulnerability, as equals.

We are sisters and we have something in common: him. I love you – thank you.


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