About Leveled Up Love

Leveled Up Love is an eco-system that helps you thrive in conscious open relationships. 

Here, you can feel safe, seen, loved and fully expressed, while also having the freedom to explore other relationship adventures that lead to fulfilling growth, healing and service to others

How Ready Are You For An Open Relationship?

Leveled Up Love is an online polyamory community that includes transformative monthly workshops and events to help open relating partners break free from jealousy and create more meaningful, loving open relationships

After navigating our own complex open relationships for 10 years, and listening to thousands of LUL’ers (our community members), we identified powerful strategies to help you thrive in more trusting, loving relationships that are true to who YOU are and the people you share your life with. 

We then curated a unique mix of online workshops you can use to manifest more conscious open relationships and provide polyamory support by:

  • Expanding your polyamory community, so you feel supported by people who really get you!
  • Empowering you with powerful conflict resolution tools, so you can actually enjoy your open relationships!
  • Focusing you and your partner’s trauma healing so you can experience more pleasure than pain!
  • Exploring new polyamory dating options and go on new relationship adventures!
  • Deeping your connections with all your partners, through Tantra!


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How Leveled Up Love Can Support You Through An Open Relationship?

Here’s a little bit more about what we stand for at Leveled Up Love. Sadly, there are many in open relationship communities who look down on those who struggle with jealous thoughts and feelings. You may even hear them say something like “if you experience jealousy then you shouldn’t be in an open relationship!” or that “jealousy is a useless emotion that you shouldn’t feel!”. 

From our perspective, insecurities and jealousy are important indicators that a partner, even in an open relationship, needs support with managing feelings that are rooted in past relationship trauma. Jealous moments from polyamory can actually be golden opportunities to dig into our past wounds in relationships, starting as far back as childhood. These inquiries can ultimately create a path to deeper healing and stronger relationships. 

The goal of our program is to support you with a compassionate community, expert coaching, trauma healing modalities, education on Tantra and introduce you to new dating options.

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