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Polyamory Jealousy Can Be Frustrating

It’s often frustrating to feel jealousy in consensual non-monogamy. But it does happen more often than many think. Past trauma comes up and that’s not easy to control. It can also be hard to find people to date, or friends to talk to who understand you. We learned from our own path and decided to help others.

What It's Like to Join The Secure Poly Collective?

Leveled Up Love is a friendly polyamorous community devoted to helping our members thrive in more conscious open relationships.

Our VIP program, called The Secure Poly Collective, is a series of transformative online workshops can that support you in balancing relational freedom and emotional responsibility to your partners. Our program offers a 14-day free trial of all our online events.

Explore Events With Our Expert Team

Jessica Fern

Author of PolySecure & Trauma Specialist

Elisabeth Sheff, PhD, CSE

Expert Relationship Educator

KamalaDevi McClure

Author, A Polyamorous Queer, Kinky Love Story

Derek Hart

America’s Relationship Rebuilder

Francesca Gentille

Clinical Sexologist

Amanda Ananda

Tantric Facilitator

Trinidad Ysidro Ruiz

Trauma-informed Psychedelic Integration Specialist, Coach & Holistic Healer

Magda Kay

Intimacy Expert

Danielle Ivins-Fishman

Relationship Coach & Trauma Educator

Evita Sawyers

Non-monogamy Educator & Guide

Christina McCabe

Certified Human Potential and Erotic Blueprint Coach

Kathy Labriola

Poly Counselor & Hypnotherapist

Emily Orum

Erotic Embodiment Coach

Ananya Harvey, PhD

Shadow and Sexuality Coach

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Go From Poly-Agony To Poly Security: Discover The FIVE Pitfalls of Open Relationships and How to Avoid Them!

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About Leveled Up Love

We struggled through decades of monogamy. After the standard guilt, shame and stagnation, we came away certain that we had to give open relating at try. But polyamory has its own unique and specific challenges and we were far from prepared. Sadly, most are not prepared. Starting with just a few basic rules didn’t save us from strife, and heartaches.

But after 10 years, some hard-won lessons, and advice from top experts, we’ve been on a non-stop personal growth and healing trajectory. And, we want you along for the ride!

What Our Members Have To Say

“The Secure Poly Collective, by Leveled Up Love, is valuable for anyone looking to consciously explore relationships beyond monogamy. Building a love life that exists ‘outside the box’ can come with many challenges, but sharing and learning in a forum of like-minded hearts have been a healing experience of support and community for me.”

Teagan A.

“I had an amazing time attending the Virtual Pleasure Garden, by Leveled Up Love. I loved the feelings of togetherness and loving connection that was created, as well as the amazing performers who offered beautiful gifts of flow with so much heart, skill, and sensuality.”

David F.

“Leveled Up Love has provided so many people a sacred space to be vulnerable, receive support, and expand their minds on all things love and communication. What the community leaders have created is high-level, conscious, and full of wonderful information that people are so desperately in need of right now.”

Erin D.

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[FREE WEBINAR] Go From Poly-Agony To Poly Security: Discover The FIVE Pitfalls of Open Relationships and How to Avoid Them!